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God's Highway

by Sandra McCracken

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Steadfast 03:28
I will build my house Whether storm or drought On the rock that does not move I will set my hope In your love, O Lord And your faithfulness will prove You are steadfast, steadfast By the word you spoke All the starry host Are called out by name each night In your watchful care I will rest secure As you lead us with your light You are steadfast, steadfast I will not trust in the strength of kings On your promise I will stand I will shout for joy, I will raise my voice Hallelujah to the Lamb! You are steadfast, steadfast In the moment of emptiness All was fulfilled In the hour of darkness Your light was revealed In the presence of death Your life was affirmed In the absence of holiness, You are still God. You are steadfast, steadfast You are steadfast, steadfast.
My feet are strong, my eyes are clear I cannot see the way from here But on we go, He knows the way And in His arms, He keeps me safe. Fear not, keep on, watch and pray Walk in the light of God’s highway   The shadows flee, The valley is deep But evil cannot conquer me Your rod and staff, They protect me You give me rest, You give me peace Chorus I see the shore, from troubled seas This tiny ship that carries me It is not yet, But it will be So heaven come, It’s you we need Chorus I’m holding onto you, Lord You’re holding onto me… I’m holding onto you, Love You’re holding onto me… Chorus
Call Him good, my soul I am here to declare my affection for You Call Him good, my soul You who are wrapped in glory Dressed in greatness For covering, You choose light Your clothes, sunset and moonrise For a tent, You stretch out the heavens For a roof, You pitch the sky   Call Him good, my soul You made the earth And You made its frame stable forever You made the earth And you wrapped it in a gown of waters
Holy Father, Son and Spirit Holy Communion, Three-in-one. Come with your peace, With your invitation Bind us together in Holy love.
September sunlight through the clouds Arms outstretched, the North, the South The pavement pacing with your shoes Racing the shadows of the trees Dancing cover from the heat Someone is looking out for you.   You’ve come so far, how far you’ve come Go the distance Into the arms where you belong Love will bring you home, Love will bring you home   We are hard-pressed on every side We persevere through valleys wide He will not cause your foot to slip He sets the wind against your back The finish near, it is not yet Thanksgiving ever on your lips Chorus   The bridegroom sun, Runs across the sky, With legs so strong, He runs to meet his bride, With every sunrise    You are my portion and my cup Poured out for me, You fill me up With oil You have anointed me And as I run, I want to rest To feel Your peace within my chest Like Mary sitting at Your feet. You’ve come so far, how far you’ve come, Go the distance Into your Father’s arms you run Love will bring you home, Love will be your home Love will bring you home…
Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be Thy name Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven.   Give us this day our daily bread And forgive our sins, As we forgive those who have Sinned against us.   And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil, For Thine is the kingdom, And the power and the glory Forever. Amen, Amen
Though now we have trials, We wait for salvation Though tested by fire, We suffer with joy   By His great mercy, Our hope has been born again Faithful as the morning, We are raised up with Christ   And I cannot see Him But oh how I love Him I cannot see Him, but I believe I know He walks with me. I believe, that He walks with me.   Raised up with the priesthood, To witness his wondrous works Called out from the darkness To shimmering light Chorus
For You, O Lord our souls in stillness wait For You, O Lord our souls in stillness wait Truly our hope is in You Truly our hope is in You   O Lord of life, our only hope  Your radiance shines On all who look to You in the dark Emmanuel come, come light our hearts   Chorus Oh Joy above, all other loves In You we find, more than enough We come as we are, O heal and restore, Come light our hearts
Like a child, like an infant I will still and hush my soul I am resting in Your provision You’ve already made me whole Be still my soul, be still Be still my soul, be still… I lift my heart up, with great expectation Here in Your arms I’m satisfied Israel rise up, and know your salvation He is our hope, our strength, our light   Be still my soul, be still Be still my soul, be still…
To Him who is able, To keep you from falling To Him, to Him, to Him To Him, to Him, to Him.   We are standing in His presence With our garments clean and white All glory, honor, power, majesty To Jesus Christ.
We leave behind All the pain of alienation, We bring the lies we believed Out into the light, The love we were made to feel, Oh Rachel dry your tears, Your hope it will rise Until the trumpet sounds, Until our home comes down, Children of Zion raise up the sound, Until our home comes down I turn away from the springs That cannot hold water I will be sustained By the true river of life You make my eyes to see You are upholding me All through the night Chorus Set up a sign or a post To give us direction, Lead us by good, clear paths, Show us the way Our tired and restless ways Help and defend us, please Stay by my side Chorus Your deliverance is coming For us while we wait, In the wilderness You walk before us, Give us grace


released September 9, 2016

Produced by Sandra McCracken and Jay Foote

Engineered by Russ Long and Brian Murphy in Nashville, TN. Additional engineering by Sandra McCracken and Greg LaFollette at Sumner Studio, Nashville, TN. Mixed by Russ Long. Mastered by Hank Williams

All Sons & Daughters appears courtesy of Integrity Music, The Sound of Worship.

The band is Sandra McCracken (piano, acoustic guitar, vocals), Jay Foote (upright bass), Kenny Meeks (electric guitar) and Spencer Cohen (drums and percussion). These performances were recorded in two and a half days at the home of Brian and Brooke Murphy.

Art Direction & Design
Brannon McAllister

Cover & Press Photography
John Harrison

Production Photography
Brian Murphy

Photo Direction
Lea Fulton


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Sandra McCracken Nashville, Tennessee

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